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2.    MFP HP LaserJet M3027. Buy inexpensive MFP HPLaserJet M3027.

An excellent option in the budget class. Worthy of good reviews, this device offers the user a good set of features at a reasonable price. Printing in good resolution up to 75,000 pages per month, it also includes a fax machine. The display of this MFP allows for a QWERTY keyboard. It has a 40GB hard drive and a 600-sheet paper feeder. Its affordable cost is well within the reach of the individual user. Excellent option for a small workgroup.

3. HP LaserJet Ent 700 MFP M725dn MFP HP LaserJet Ent 700 MFP M725dn MFP

High power and productivity device for large workgroups. The device supports printing on color, loose, punched, coarse, thick and plain paper, letterhead, cards, envelopes, labels, film and tracing paper in weights from 60 to 199 g/m2 in maximum A3 format, making it virtually indispensable for companies with varied needs. Prints up to 41 pages per minute. Hard drive capacity is 320 GB. A real "workhorse" for a solid office. Price - above average.

What scanner to buy - the top 3 best
12 September 2017
Scanner is a convenient and indispensable device among the necessary minimum of office equipment, both in the office and at home. Quality scanners can easily translate physical documents in large volumes into electronic format, forming valuable archives. These latest devices are equipped with a function of scanning photo slides and 35mm film. Besides, the scanning machine can be used as a copier. If you have a need for a scanner, there is only one question to solve - what scanner to buy?

The answer to what scanner to buy is not difficult to find if you know exactly what you need in each case. Decide for yourself what the maximum format you will need to receive scanned copies. Is the standard A4 format sufficient or do you need a greater variety. Find out the optical resolution of your scanner. The quality of the scanned image depends on this parameter.